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A Warning to Architects & Engineers

Recently we have started to see a very unfortunate trend in the Wood Truss Industry, which by all means is unprofessional. As a Wood Truss Manufacture it is our business to know what works and what does not, simple as that.  Unfortunately, many truss companies out there are looking for any means to “Low Ball” the job, and then go in with Change Orders.   These Change Orders are not for Changes they are simply for games; that again these competitors are playing.

A Recent Example:

We recently lost a $19K truss job, for $1,200; the client later told me, that the competitor put a change order in upon being awarded the job of $4K.  The reason, The Architect and/or Engineer of Record did not specify that the trusses required 2X6 in order to work.  The Truss Company did not need the Architect or Engineer to tell them this; The Trusses were 64’ Span.  Any Truss Manufacture would know this.

Like the above, we see many more.  And unfortunately at the end of the day, most Homeowners and Contractors do not realize that this tactic by unprofessional subcontractors is a gimmick, which consequently makes The Architect and/or Engineer look bad and in some cases they have even had to pay for the Change Order.

Simple Ways To Stop, this unprofessionalism:

  1. As The Architect and/or Engineer – Specify or Ban certain Sub-Contractors from your project.
  2. Put A Note on Plans that makes The Truss Company Responsible for knowing if Trusses work or not, as illustrated on plans