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Why Choose Deco Truss®; because we tell you the Truth and Put Everything in Writing

When comparing Truss Quotes you should always Compare Apples to Apples.  This means insuring that you get the following: Make sure all the pages of The Architecture/Engineering Plans that you provided for the Bid, are shown on the Truss Contract/Proposal from the Truss Company giving you a price. This will insure you are getting a Hard Number for what… more »

Who Has The Best Truss in South Florida

Many Truss Companies out there claim to have the Best Truss.  Why does Deco Truss® really believe we are the Best Truss Company and have a Superior Truss Product? Simply because we care and we take our job seriously.  When bidding a roof truss job, we do not depend on the Architect and/or Engineer of Record… more »

Lumber Prices Near 5-Year Highs

Lumber Prices Near 5-Year Highs [Source:, February 16, 2011] Is the big rally in lumber futures foretelling a resurgence of U.S. housing construction? Lumber futures hit their highest levels in almost five years on Tuesday to close at $315.30 per 1,000 board feet. Unfortunately, the trend remains markedly bearish for housing, new starts and… more »

Factors that affect the Price of a Roof Truss

In today’s economy it’s more important than ever to design a job that the customer(s) can afford. I wanted to use this blog post to high light some important issues affecting the prices of your trusses. These 2 items can affect the cost more than most people realize.

Truss To Truss Connections

In Today’s Economic Conditions more and more companies are trying to push work onto others, so that they do less. Just today we received a call from a well known Engineer in Miami, that another Local Truss Company in Miami, wanted him, The EOR (Engineer of Record) to design and specify The Truss To Truss… more »

When Getting Prices

In today’s market more than ever it’s important to find out exactly what someone is bidding for you. Every day, we here from customers, their stories about change orders that competitors give, which have no meaning what so ever. The #1 Rule in the construction Industry, besides using reputable companies that are licensed and insured… more »

Out of Bad Comes Something Good

Have you ever heard somebody say that good usually comes out of something bad? Well it’s true if you sit back and think of the situation with an open mind, eventually you will see that something positive will come out of every bad situation. Just this weekend I was thinking about the Current Recession we… more »

Industry Tech Notes You Need To Know

As The Trusted Source for Pre-Fabricated Wood Trusses and Building Materials, we are happy to also be your source for industry specific information. Every day we receive calls regarding numerous questions related to our field.  Below are subjects with links to the full documents, which is beneficial to The Architects/Engineers, Contractors, Homeowner Builders and Building… more »

Deco Truss® Line Card

The Following are various Items that you can Order and Buy from Us. Interior & Exterior Doors: From Basic Stock Doors to Custom Doors, The Choice Is Yours. Interior Doors Exterior Doors Bi-Folds & Pocket Doors Door Hardware Lumber/Plywood: Southern Yellow Pine Pressure Treated Pine Spruce Douglas Fir Cypress Cedar Hem/Fir Ipe Hardwoods Fencing Boards… more »

Is That Really A Good Price

When times are as hard as they are, competition will make competitors cheat, lie and steal just to get the order and by not knowing or following through you are the one who gets screwed. Just the other day, a client of ours was given a really great price on his rebar, by a local… more »