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Red Brand Fencing Supplier Miami

Red Brand is the premium line of agricultural fencing products and reigns as the most recognized brand of farm fence in the United States. Since 1889 Red Brand has been standing guard with top quality, American-made fence products for a wide variety of applications. Whether it’s the full-time farmer or the part-time enthusiast, Red Brand… more »

SPIB Lumber Value Changes – June 2012

SBCA Provides Substitution Chart for June 1 SP #2 2×4 Design Values From SBCA The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) Board of Governors will be issuing a revised Supplement #9 to include SP No. 2 Dense based on the March 9th ruling of the ALSC Board of Review (the first pdf link below is the… more »

Girder Truss Screws

No Predrilling. They Zip right in! Engineered for any multi-ply dimensional Wood application. Correct screw lengths for two-, three- or four-ply girders Proper thread length to engage final ply Eliminates board jacking while maximizing shear strength IBC/IRC code approved ESR #1078 Approved for single-sided Installation Prevents gapping between plies which can occur in nailed applications… more »

New – Florida Building Code – March 15th, 2012

The 2010 edition of the Florida Building Code will implement on March 15, 2012. This date has been established through rule. All jurisdictions in Florida must follow this provision. Any permit with an application date of March 15, 2012 or later will be governed by the 2010 edition of the FBC. A permit applied for… more »

Trusses – 2 Rules to Insure Trusses are Designed and Manufactured Per Code

Though there are numerous codes Truss Manufactures must adhere to, there are some important requirements as The Architect, Engineer and/or Purchaser can require, which will help insure you are getting Trusses which are built to code and for the Structure in question. 1. Require The Truss Placement Plan to be sealed by the same engineer… more »

Truss – Miami – Deco Truss® Blogs

We are excited for the positive support The Deco Truss® Blog has received. In order to be of greater help, we are asking for Topics which you would like us to cover or questions you would like answered. Please let us know Deco Truss® is here to support you and be your source for Pre-fabricated… more »

USP – Deck Designer

Of all the tools you’ll use to build your deck, this one may be the most powerful… Adding or replacing a deck is a popular and rewarding do-it-yourself project. A well designed deck adds beauty and value to your home, and thanks to USP, the process of building it just got a whole lot easier.… more »

Truss Handling and Crane Use

It is critical to insure when Handling Trusses, that the persons installing trusses are well versed with Proper Crane Use.  Not only is this important for The Truss Integrity, but also for the Safety of Contractors. Critical Areas to Consider Never Hook Truss By peak Always Use Spreader Bars as Required See attached SBCA Truss… more »

Wood Truss – Fire Performance

Metal Trusses are not better or safer Than Wood Trusses when it comes to Fire Performance.  Being educated on the Fire Performance and How to Fire Rate Wood Trusses is the key. The Carbeck Structural Components Institute’s (CSCI) Wood Truss Construction and Fire Performance education program provides firefighters with information needed to more safely fight… more »