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Pre-Fabricated Shower Unit Sold to Bahamas

One of Deco Truss®’s Export clients just found out how easy it is to buy Pre-Fabricated Shower Units from our online building materials store and make purchases for export to the Caribbean. This client just purchased 3 Pre-Fabricated Shower Units, which are being delivered to his shipping company so that he can install them this… more »

Attic Ladder

Deco Truss® is Proud to be a Stocking Dealer of The Rainbow Attic Ladder Not only do we sell these, but we have used them in our personal homes.  By far these are Best Attic Ladders you can use  

Composite Deck or Real Wood?

Every day I get this question from Customers. Should I go With Real Wood / Hard Wood or Composite for My Deck or Dock? This is really a personal preference, which one should compare. One of the most popular brands of composite is TREX and to be honest they have come out with some… more »

The Most Important Number

A simple “0” can change everything from Pounds to Dollars and make a difference that most customers will never notice, until it’s too late and it has cost them money. Recently I was speaking to a customer regarding his Rebar Prices. When I quoted him .53/lb on #5 Rebar he thought I was too high,… more »

Deco Truss® – Caribbean Yellow Page Ad

Check Out The Deco Truss® Caribbean Yellow Page Ad Exporting Building Materials to the Carribean, since 1983. Contractors, Architects, and Engineers have trusted and put their loyalty in Deco Truss® as your #1 Truss and Building Material Supplier. Deco Truss® carries a complete line of roofing materials including: Felt , Eve Drip, Shingles, Metal Roofing,… more »

MiTek Announces Purchase of USP Structural Connectors

We are delighted to announce the purchase of USP Structural Connectors from Gibraltar Industries, Inc. and their addition to the MiTek family. As most of you know, USP’s structural connector products are sold throughout North America and are used in the new construction, remodeling, and DIY segments. Through its multiple sales channels, including professional distribution,… more »

Protect Your Wood – From Termites

Need Termite Help, You Have It With Woodlife – Now Available at Our On Line Store Prevents attack from termites and other wood boring insects while it protects against rot and decay. Inhibits mold, mildew and staining, and staining fungi. EPA registered, insecticidal preservative prohibits rot and decay. Anti-wicking property resists moisture absorption controls warping,… more »