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DensGlass Sheathing Avalible at Deco Truss® in Miami, Fl

Gypsum Boards and Drywall / Exterior Products / DensGlass® Sheathing


  • Provides superior moisture and mold* resistance.
  • Provides a rigid substrate for a wide variety of air or water-resistive barrier systems
  • Helps maintain flexibility with construction schedules despite bad weather
  • Backed by a limited warranty against delamination and deterioration for up to 12 months of exposure to normal weather conditions


  • Ideal behind brick, siding, EIFS, stucco, rain screen and other permanent cladding systems
  • Ideal sheathing for attached, adhered, and fluid applied air- and water-resistant barrier systems

*Mold-Resistance Testing

DensGlass® Sheathing panels have scored a 10, the highest level of performance for mold resistance under the ASTM D3273 test method. When tested, as manufactured, in accordance with ASTM D3273, the score of 10, in the ASTM D3273 test, indicates no mold growth in a 4-week controlled laboratory test. The mold resistance of any building product when used in actual job site conditions may not produce the same results as were achieved in the controlled, laboratory setting. No material can be considered mold proof. When properly used with good design, handling and construction practices, DensGlass sheathing provides increased mold resistance compared to standard paper-faced wallboard products

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