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Factors that affect the Price of a Roof Truss

In today’s economy it’s more important than ever to design a job that the customer(s) can afford. I wanted to use this blog post to high light some important issues affecting the prices of your trusses.

These 2 items can affect the cost more than most people realize.

  1. FSC Certified Lumber – This by far is the biggest scam I have personally seen in The Truss Industry. All Southern Yellow Pine used in Trusses is re-grown and meets/exceeds the FSC Standards. However when you The Architect and/or Engineer specify that FSC is required, this increases the price of the trusses. SYP that is FSC Stamped cost over 40% more than non-Stamped FSC Lumber, which is the same as The FSC Stamp Lumber except for the stamp. See attached Letter by Clicking Link from Gilman Building Products, which is one of the worlds largest producers of SYP for the Truss Industry. Gilman SYP Letter
  2. Metal Trusses – Metal Trusses cost over 2X more than standard wood trusses built with Fire Rated Lumber. Also the cost of installation is more than the wood trusses.

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