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Fast Growing Jobs in Need of Employees – Truss Designers – Growing Industry with Emplyee Needs

Truss Designers are in High Demand.  Every Truss Company Owner I know, is looking to hire.  If you are not experienced but are interested, check out SBCA Structural Building Components Association.  On the SBCA website you can learn the skills needed online, to get a job right away.

If  You like variety…

  • Work with other industry professionals including architects, engineers, building officials and contractors
  • Enjoy a professional office job that will give you construction field experience
  • gain exposure to all of the different elements of the construction industry, including multiple product lines

If  You want room to grow…

  • Pre-engineered trusses & wall panels are the future of construction!
  • You will be working with value-added product
  • Our industry’s rapid growth ensures more opportunities for our employees
  • Develop your position, enter management or become a sales professional

If You’re Interested in technology…

  • Combine Your ability to visualize with your math skills to use CAD programs
  • Use cutting-edge software to do 3D modeling and produce the work that architects design

If You’re Creative…

  • More complex designs and being requested every day. Your imagination is your only limit!
  • Combine Your education and talent to create truss designs

If You want job satisfaction…

  • Enter an industry that is professional while still being friendly and casual
  • Every day You’ll see buildings in Your community that You helped create

If You want to keep learning…

  • Become a certified truss technician through SBCA (Structural Building Components) courses
  • Conquer new areas of learning related to construction, like structural analysis

If You want to earn a competitive Income…

If all of this sounds interesting, the Building Component Industry may be for YOU!