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Are You Getting The Right Price For Your Trusses?

Here are 5 simple questions you should ask, when you request a truss quote. If you don’t get these questions answered upfront, you may find yourself facing change orders and problems down the road.

  1. Will all the pages of The Architecture/Engineering Plans you provided for the Bid, be shown on the Contract/Proposal? This insures you are getting a Hard Number for what the Architect and/or Engineer designed or intended.
  2. Will Special Conditions, Loadings, Wind Loads and Building Code be shown on your contract/proposal?
  3. Will you be provided with a Preliminary Plan prior to Sealed Plans and Engineering’s?
  4. Will you be provided with Final Truss Plans and Truss Engineering’s for approval prior to fabrication?
  5. Will you accept changes made to your Architect or Engineer’s Plans? Consequently this will cost you money to have your plans revised and re-submitted to the Building Department. If No, than never, ever accept a contract/proposal that states your truss are bid, per the truss company’s layout; make sure bid is based on the Architect/Structural plans provided.