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Is That Really A Good Price

When times are as hard as they are, competition will make competitors cheat, lie and steal just to get the order and by not knowing or following through you are the one who gets screwed.

Just the other day, a client of ours was given a really great price on his rebar, by a local competitor. But was that price really that good.

.34 Cents Per Pound on His Rebar

Compared to

.37 Cents Per Pound that we quoted.

That’s a .03 Cent Savings Per Pound, The Client Explained

Here’s The problem. The Job Only had 15 Tons (30,000 pounds) in it. The Competitor billed the client for 17.5 Tons (35,000 pounds). Therefore the client paid for 2.5 Tons (5,000 pounds) that were not in the job and never delivered. Consequently the client over paid, $800, for the .03 Cent a pound savings.

The Lesson Here is Simple, look at the whole order, not just the price per pound or what one item cost.

By the way, the customer whom over paid, was not a dumb or an inexperienced man by any means. He was just to busy to look at the small things and never thought anyone would do this to him.

If you have any doubts on an order you previously purchased, send us the competitor’s cut list, will be happy to offer a free re-quote and analyses of the order.