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Local Lumber Yards versus Box Stores

When buying for your new home or remodel project, don’t get caught up in the whole “BOX STORE” marketing campaign.  Your Local Lumber Yard will be less expensive 99% of the time and the service will be superior.  Yes Box Stores will put out specials to get you in the door and sell a product below their cost, but remember their overhead cost a lot more. 

Some Examples of Differences:

Metal Entry Doors at Home Depot same Jeldwen Door that we sell has a thinner metal on the outside.  This door is especially made for Home Depot.

Tapcons – are sold in smaller packs at Home Depot at a Higher Cost than we sell The Box of 100

2x4x8’ in all grades are sold for less per LF than the 12’, 14’ or 16’ at Home Depot, this is not the case at an Independent Local Lumber Yard

Special Order Items, Like Doors are also sold at a Higher Margin at Box Stores than at Local Lumber Yards.  Also if you need a permit, for your new door, get It yourself do not pay the Box Stores for it.  You will save more 75% on your Permit Fee.

Above All, Support The Local Business, which keeps their Money Locally, employing and building a community