Professionals like you realize that solid buildings rely on solid foundations. That’s why; quality conscience Contractors, Architects and Do-it-yourselfers like you turn to Deco Truss® for reinforcing steel.

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Lumber & Plywood

We have access to, or inventory, all species and grades of commonly used lumber products. And, because we have facilities in multiple markets throughout South Florida, we are able to access products rarely used in certain areas quicker than the competition. How? Because what is often times a special order tothem is a stock item for us.

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Millwork & Doors

With our experienced staff to serve your needs, we get the job done on time and delivered promptly. In addition to getting your millwork quickly and at a reasonable price, you can be assured you’re getting it done right.

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Smart Vent – Flood Vents

Deco Truss® supplies Smart Vents to South Florida and the Caribbean. SMART VENT® automatic foundation flood vents protect homes from the devastation and destruction caused by a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster. SMART VENTS foundation flood vent is uniquely designed to provide both flood protection and ventilation in these instances and is the only vent certified to meet the requirements as set forth by FEMA and the NFIP for all homes or buildings located in a flood area.

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Roofing Materials

Deco Truss® carries a complete line of roofing materials including:
  • Felt
  • Eve Drip
  • Shingles
  • Metal Roofing
  • AND MORE….

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Building Materials

In 1996, the building materials division was created supplying trusses and building materials to those in the construction trades.

Our goal is to provide quality user-friendly materials to local suppliers at an affordable price; and to be a reliable, one-stop-shopping center for everything needed to complete all your construction or renovation project needs successfully.

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Wood Fence Materials

Need Wood Fence Materials?
Don’t waste your time at a Box Store
Check Out Deco Truss®, for Better Service and Selection
Will be happy to pull your order and load your truck or trailer