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New Beam – That Will Change The Construction Industry

Deco Truss®, just starting selling the LiteSteel Beam and it’s an amazing New Product for the Construction Industry. Read below and Click Here To Visit The LiteSteel Beam web site for more information

LiteSteel™ beam (LSB®) was developed in response to the demand for a light structural beam with the strength of steel but with the workability and ease of installation associated with wood products. When you weigh up the total installed cost of the beams you specify, LSB from LiteSteel Technologies can provide significant time and cost advantages compared to hot rolled structural steel beams and engineered wood.

The innovative, patented cold forming process gives LSB a unique profile with the torsional rigidity you would normally expect from hot rolled steel. It can be carried like a wood beam and can be cut, nailed, screwed, and drilled on site using the same tools you currently use

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