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Local Lumber Yards versus Box Stores

When buying for your new home or remodel project, don’t get caught up in the whole “BOX STORE” marketing campaign.  Your Local Lumber Yard will be less expensive 99% of the time and the service will be superior.  Yes Box Stores will put out specials to get you in the door and sell a product… more »

Wood Truss versus Metal Trusses

Metal Trusses (Light Gauge Steel Trusses) have become more popular in that last few years.  However what many do not understand is that Metal Trusses cost 5X (YES 5 Times) as much as standard Pre-Fabricated Wood Trusses, and that’s just for the trusses.  Installation will also cost you more, due to everything having to be… more »

How To Find – Miami-Dade Approved – Doors, Windows, Trusses etc…

What to know if a Product or a Company is Miami-Dade Approved? The easy and sure way is to do a search on The Miami-Dade County Code Compliance Web Site Here you can locate items by: Approval # Applicant “Company Name/Product Name” Category Sub-Catergory Material Impact Rating Check Out Deco Truss® Company Inc’s Miami- Dade… more »

Installing Trusses – Florida Building Code – Miami Dade

Per Florida Building Code 2319.17.2.4 Truss erection. 2319. All trusses shall be erected in accordance with TPI/WTCA BCSI 1 in addition to any requirements indicated on the approved permit document. 2319. For trusses having an overall length of the bottom chord in excess of 35 feet (10.7 m) or 6 feet (1829 mm) overall height… more »

Fabrication Rules for Wood Trusses – Per Florida Building Code – Miami Dade County

Per Florida Building Code 2319.17.2.3 Fabrication. 2319. Manufacturers of prefabricated wood truss assemblies shall obtain a valid certificate of competency from the authority having jurisdiction. 2319. Each truss shall bear the fabricators stamp on a web member and 75 percent shall be placed so as to be clearly visible after erection and before placement of… more »

Design Rules for Wood Trusses – Per Florida Building Code – Miami Dade County

Per Florida Building Code 2319.17.2.1 Design. 2319. Prefabricated wood trusses shall be designed by a registered professional engineer (delegated engineer) and fabricated in accordance with the National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction of the Truss Plate Institute (TPI). The truss system designer (delegated engineer) shall prepare the truss system shop drawings.… more »

A Warning to Architects & Engineers

Recently we have started to see a very unfortunate trend in the Wood Truss Industry, which by all means is unprofessional. As a Wood Truss Manufacture it is our business to know what works and what does not, simple as that.  Unfortunately, many truss companies out there are looking for any means to “Low Ball”… more »

Export Lumber Yard – – Serving The Caribbean Islands

ExportLumberYard Your special needs as our export clients and your demand of perfection when exporting is our business. You can count on us to help you with pricing, product selection, packaging, and shipping to ensure you receive exactly what you want, when you want it at a competitive price. We provide you, a one stop… more »

Treated Wood Trusses – Export Caribbean

Deco Truss® Company Inc is the most reliable and trusted source exporting trusses to the Caribbean. Weekly we load 2 – 3 Flat Racks of Trusses and Building Materials. Steps to Export Truss Order: Customer: Execute Contract, Sign Contract and send Deposit as Required Deco Truss®: with-in 1 week you will receive a preliminary plan. … more »