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Miami Roof Trusses -Top 10 Questions to Consider When Hiring A Truss Company

On a weekly bases I hear from clients about issues they have had with other Truss Companies. Here are 10 simple questions you should ask to protect yourself and your project. If you don’t get these questions answered upfront, you may find yourself facing change orders and problems down the road.

When choosing a Truss Manufacture for your next project there are many things one should consider, besides if they are licensed.

  1. Visit the Truss Company Personally if Possible.  Since you will be spending quite a bit of money with that company, go and see for yourself, the facility and operation.
  2. Can You Meet with The Owner or will you be dealing with a sales representative
  3. How Long Have They Been in Business
  4. How does your Architect Feel about them – this may be your first time, but Architect deals with various sub-contractors and suppliers through-out their career – find out from them.
  5. Reference Are Good – but remember you will only be given the reference they want to give you.
  6. Will they put everything in Writing?  Find out the process, always require everything in writing.
  7. Will they list All The Pages of The Plans on The Proposal
  8. Will they State on Proposal, that the trusses will be designed and built to code
  9. Will they give you a Preliminary Plan Prior to Final Plans & Engineering
  10. Will they give you plans to approve prior to fabrication

Doing some leg work of your own can add to the stress of building a home, but it can also save you more headaches down the line.  At Deco Truss®, we are vested in You and Your Project, because simply put, you are our biggest advocate in the future. Stop by and meet us in person, we are always here to help you.


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