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Deco Truss® – Builds Biggest Trusses in 31 Years

We are often asked “What is Biggest Truss You Can Build ?”, well today that question has a new answer. I am proud to announce that today we are delivering the Biggest Trusses that we have ever built in 31 Years of being in business. The below pictures are of 92′ Trusses. These trusses are… more »

Lumber’s Upward Volatility to Continue in 2014

Source: Widman’s Market Barometer December 18, 2013 This has been a volatile year for lumber prices. A strong rise early in the year was followed by a significant drop as we approached mid-year; now prices have recovered as we approach year-end. We expect lumber prices to rise by an average of 18% this year, and… more »

Lumber Prices Going Up – Low-Grade Southern Pine Market Tightening

Random Lengths March 23, 2012 A growing refrain from buyers of Southern Pine low grade is that supplies on the open market are tight, and prices continue to push higher. While demand from industrial accounts and greater volumes being shipped overseas are factors in the up- swing in prices of low grade, a more recent… more »

SPIB Lumber Value Changes – June 2012

SBCA Provides Substitution Chart for June 1 SP #2 2×4 Design Values From SBCA The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB) Board of Governors will be issuing a revised Supplement #9 to include SP No. 2 Dense based on the March 9th ruling of the ALSC Board of Review (the first pdf link below is the… more »

Miami Roof Truss -Top 10 Questions to Consider When Hiring A Truss Company

When choosing a Truss Manufacture for your next project there are many things one should consider, besides if they are licensed. Visit the Truss Company Personally if Possible.  Since you will be spending quite a bit of money with that company, go and see for yourself, the facility and operation. Can You Meet with The… more »

International Sales and Exports – Trusses – Building Materials

Your special needs as our export client and your demand of perfection when exporting is our business.  You can count on us to help you with pricing, product selection, packaging and shipping to ensure you receive exactly what you want, when you want it at a competitive price.  We provide you, a one stop shop… more »

Glulam Beams

Glulam Beams (Treated or Un-Treated) afp-brochure Need to span a large area with a BIG Timber.  Try a Glulam Timber.  We have ordered them as long as 54’.   Glulam Timbers offers You A High Strength Timber, Engineered to Span Longer Distance than Conventional Lumber at a Value. One of the Most Trusted Name out there… more »

Local Lumber Yards versus Box Stores

When buying for your new home or remodel project, don’t get caught up in the whole “BOX STORE” marketing campaign.  Your Local Lumber Yard will be less expensive 99% of the time and the service will be superior.  Yes Box Stores will put out specials to get you in the door and sell a product… more »

Telephone Poles–Piles In Stock – Miami Lumber Yard

Deco Truss® Company, South Florida, Miami, Key Largo and The Caribbean’s Lumber Yard is now Stocking Telephone Poles/ Piles/Pilings.  This are used for Building Pole Barns, Docks, Hanging Lights etc..  Check out our lastest e-newletter link below for sizes and prices.—Piles-In-Stock.html?soid=1101939834807&aid=vr2vNk6jJrg.