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Concrete Saw – Power Cutter – Miami, Key Largo, Carribbean

Need a Power Saw to Cut Conrete and/or Rebar.  You can do it with this Bad Boy from Makita. Powerful 73 cc. Engine with 5-Stage Filter System Avalible On – Line at Deco Truss®. Click Here for Link Five-stage, foam-paper-nylon system with advanced directional air flow provides very clean air for better saw performance Reinforced… more »

Buying Doors – Miami, Key Largo, Florida Keys and Caribbean

Buying Doors (Entry or Interior) may sound easy, but when you start looking at the many choices, making a decision can get very complex. #1 Question, when visiting a Lumber Yard or Door Company  – is to find out were their doors come from. At Deco Truss® we only deal with U.S. Based Companies who… more »

Metal Roofs – South Florida, Miami, Florida Keys & Export

By Far the Best Roof you can put on your house is a Metal Roof.  Deco Truss® is proud to represent Metal Sales and Distribute Their Metal Roof Products. Long Lasting, Virtually Maintenance-Free Give your home the exceptional durability and maintenance-free advantages of metal, with our residential line of quality roofing products.  Unlike common shingles, our… more »

Miami-Dade Approved Truss Manufacture

Miami Dade – CC License Since 1983 Deco Truss® Company Inc, has been A Miami-Dade Approved Wood Truss Manufacture. Deco Truss® is locally owned and operated, and since 1983 has established a reputation for excellence in supplying roof and floor trusses to South Florida and international destinations. Going beyond the call of duty, more than others expect,… more »

Why Choose Deco Truss®; because we tell you the Truth and Put Everything in Writing

When comparing Truss Quotes you should always Compare Apples to Apples.  This means insuring that you get the following: Make sure all the pages of The Architecture/Engineering Plans that you provided for the Bid, are shown on the Truss Contract/Proposal from the Truss Company giving you a price. This will insure you are getting a Hard Number for what… more »

Miami-Dade Emgergency Relief for Construction affected by Economic Crisis

Information From Miami-Dade Building Department The Emergency Relief Ordinance 09-10 is an amendment to Chapter 8 of the Code of Miami-Dade County which establishes a procedure for issuance of a Stop Work Order which would prevent the expiration of the building permit for qualifying property. Qualifying property includes: new residential or commercial construction with a… more »