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Miami Roof Trusses -Top 10 Questions to Consider When Hiring A Truss Company

On a weekly bases I hear from clients about issues they have had with other Truss Companies. Here are 10 simple questions you should ask to protect yourself and your project. If you don’t get these questions answered upfront, you may find yourself facing change orders and problems down the road. When choosing a Truss… more »

Lumber’s Upward Volatility to Continue in 2014

Source: Widman’s Market Barometer December 18, 2013 This has been a volatile year for lumber prices. A strong rise early in the year was followed by a significant drop as we approached mid-year; now prices have recovered as we approach year-end. We expect lumber prices to rise by an average of 18% this year, and… more »

Exposed Timber Trusses, Using Pre-Fabricated Wood Trusses

Did you know you can achieve virtually the same look as Exposed Timber Trusses, with Pre-Fabricated Wood Trusses for 1/10 or even less of the cost? Of recent we have helped customers achieve the same similar look as Exposed Timber Trusses, by using Pre-Fabricated Trusses, increasing the member size and doubling the members.  At the… more »

SPIB Lumber Value Changes – Effective June 1st, 2012

As you may already know, effective June 1st of this year, all truss compaines and anyone designing with Southern Yellow Pine must use the New Values, as indicated by American Lumber Standards. Below find information from Mitek, regarding said lumber changes and how to know if a company is using the correct values. Southern Pine… more »

Attic Truss – Deco Truss® Miami – KeyLargo – Export

Need more space, but cannot afford it or do not want to build a larger house? Here’s an idea When designing a New House or Addition you can use the attic space with-in the trusses to create extra space, which can be used for a loft, bedroom, study or just extra closet space. This is… more »

A Warning to Architects & Engineers

Recently we have started to see a very unfortunate trend in the Wood Truss Industry, which by all means is unprofessional. As a Wood Truss Manufacture it is our business to know what works and what does not, simple as that.  Unfortunately, many truss companies out there are looking for any means to “Low Ball”… more »

Wood Truss Prices – Miami – Florida Keys – South Florida & Caribbean

Many Companies claim to have The Best Truss; however are they really being honest with you and working in your best interest. Here are 5 simple questions you should ask, when you request a Truss Quote. If you don’t get these questions answered upfront, you may find yourself facing change orders and problems down the… more »

Treated Wood Trusses – Export Caribbean

Deco Truss® Company Inc is the most reliable and trusted source exporting trusses to the Caribbean. Weekly we load 2 – 3 Flat Racks of Trusses and Building Materials. Steps to Export Truss Order: Customer: Execute Contract, Sign Contract and send Deposit as Required Deco Truss®: with-in 1 week you will receive a preliminary plan. … more »