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The Most Important Number

A simple “0” can change everything from Pounds to Dollars and make a difference that most customers will never notice, until it’s too late and it has cost them money.

Recently I was speaking to a customer regarding his Rebar Prices. When I quoted him .53/lb on #5 Rebar he thought I was too high, because he was paying .40/lb. Immediately I thought there is no way, a competitor was .13/lb, lower than us, especially knowing the current Rebar Market.

Like Paul Harvey would say “Here Is The Rest of The Story”

Truth is the client’s invoice stated .40/lb however he had no idea how many pounds he was paying for and how important a single “0” is.

 Here is The Rest of The Story

#5 (5/8″) Rebar – Weights 1.043 Pounds Per Foot

 Deco’s Price
1.043 X .53 = .55 per foot

 Competitor Charging

1.43 X .40 = .57 per foot

The Lesson Here = Make Sure To Find Out What You Are Paying For and Watch The “O”

In This case The Competitor had done the same thing across the board on all sizes and the client was paying more, though the .40/pound looks great.