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Treated Wood Trusses – Export Caribbean

Deco Truss® Company Inc is the most reliable and trusted source exporting trusses to the Caribbean. Weekly we load 2 – 3 Flat Racks of Trusses and Building Materials.

Steps to Export Truss Order:

  1. Customer: Execute Contract, Sign Contract and send Deposit as Required
  2. Deco Truss®: with-in 1 week you will receive a preliminary plan.  Preliminary Plan will be provided to you via e-mail, so that you can review and make any necessary changes prior to engineering.
  3. Customer: Approve, with any necessary changes Preliminary Plan sign and send back.
  4. Deco Truss®: Once we receive Preliminary Plans Back we will proceed to Final Plans and Engineering and make any changes necessary per Preliminary Plan.
  5. Deco Truss®: Once Final Plans and Engineering’s are complete and signed and sealed by our Engineer, a copy will be e-mailed to you and originals will be sent via mail, per your instructions, if you would like them sent via Fed-Ex, this will be charged to you or you can provide your Fed-Ex number
  6. Customer: Verify Final Plans and Engineering and approve 1 plan at both indicated areas and return to Deco Truss, plan must be signed by person who signed contract or authorized signer for company. Also insure final balance owed has been wired.
  7. Deco Truss®: Once we receive final Truss Plan approved and final balance owed can proceed to production
  8. Deco Truss®: Upon Trusses being complete our office will contact you via phone or e-mail you so that you can arrange your shipper to live load here at our facility at said time we will let you know how many 40’ flat racks you will need.