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Truss Designer Jobs – Is Building Componet Design for You?

If  You like variety…

  • Work with other industry professionals including architects, engineers, building officials and contractors
  • Enjoy a professional office job that will give you construction field experience
  • gain exposure to all of the different elements of the construction industry, including multiple product lines

If  You want room to grow…

  • Pre-engineered trusses & wall panels are the future of construction!
  • You will be working with value-added product
  • Our industry’s rapid growth ensures more opportunities for our employees
  • Develop your position, enter management or become a sales professional

If You’re Interested in technology…

  • Combine Your ability to visualize with your math skills to use CAD programs
  • Use cutting-edge software to do 3D modeling and produce the work that architects design

If You’re Creative…

  • More complex designs and being requested every day. Your imagination is your only limit!
  • Combine Your education and talent to create truss designs

If You want job satisfaction…

  • Enter an industry that is professional while still being friendly and casual
  • Every day You’ll see buildings in Your community that You helped create

If You want to keep learning…

  • Become a certified truss technician through SBCA (Structural Building Components) courses
  • Conquer new areas of learning related to construction, like structural analysis

If You want to earn a competitive Income…

If all of this sounds interesting, the Building Component Industry may be for YOU!

Deco Truss® Company Inc. is an established Wood Truss Manufacture and we have been serving South Florida, The Florida Keys, West Coast Florida & The Caribbean since 1983.  We are currently seeking full time candidates to become part of our Truss Design Team.   These Positions are Full Time and In-House Only.  The Potential for Growth & Pay are unlimited.  If you are an Experienced Truss Designer or are willing to become one, e-mail your resume today to [email protected]