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Question: Who Can Design Repairs to Pre-Fabricated Wood Truss

Answer: While it is recommended to use The Truss Company and/or The Truss Engineer, there is no code that states you must use the Truss Engineer that Sealed The Truss Engineering and/or Layout.  Any Engineer, with Structural Knowledge can do a Truss repair to any Truss.  This can be verified with ANSI/TPI 1-2007

Attached Please find documentation from Structural Building Components Association Addressing this issue, for Miami-Dade County.

Who Can Do Truss Repairs


Alterations to Trusses: “The act of cutting or attaching any item that the truss was not originally designed for”

Trusses cannot be altered from the intended engineering designs, with out proper re-designing by a Florida Registered Engineer. It is recommend to customers to use The Truss Engineer, however there is no code that states you must use the Truss Engineer or Truss Company, who sealed the Truss Engineering and Layout.  However, it is of the utmost importance that, any Florida Registered Engineer who takes the task of designing repairs to trusses, should be extremely knowledgeable, not only in structural designs but also have experience designing trusses. Any alterations made to The Intended Truss Design or Manufactured Product, the engineer, contractor and homeowner waive all warranties and liabilities to The Truss Company.  All future, questions regarding said structure and warranties will be held by the persons whom redesigned said trusses and altered them.