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What is A Change Order?

Change Orders in Construction are for Changes, PERIOD.  Not because The Truss Company
does not know their job. Unfortunately too many homeowners or contractors are being given Change Orders for No Reason. Many Truss Companies out there, low ball a job, when they see that the Architect or Engineer does not specify something that is required on the Trusses.

For example, just the other day we lost a job that had 60 foot trusses in it.  Neither the Architect nor The Engineer of Record specified that the Trusses would required 2X6 Top and Bottom Chord to work, nor should they have been required to specify that.  As a reputable Truss Company, Deco Truss® knows their Profession. We priced that job and all jobs the correct way, knowing what is required to get The Trusses
to work, however in the above case we ended up losing the job for $800.  The client, whom called us, after he received a Change Order from the other Truss Company for over $2,000, was very upset that he had fallen into The Change Order Game, and there was nothing he could do, but lose the difference.

Should the contractor have required the pages of the plans be provided on his contract/proposal, he would have kept the competition honest.