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Wood Truss versus Metal Trusses

Metal Trusses (Light Gauge Steel Trusses) have become more popular in that last few years.  However what many do not understand is that Metal Trusses cost 5X (YES 5 Times) as much as standard Pre-Fabricated Wood Trusses, and that’s just for the trusses.  Installation will also cost you more, due to everything having to be screwed instead of nailed.

Personally after speaking with many contractors and architects I do not see any advantage to Metal Truss, other than if you need to spend some extra money.

Many Claim Metal Trusses are better for Fire – not true, because metal will give and start to collapse faster in heat than Southern Yellow Pine

Many Claim Metal Trusses are “Green” – not true, The Wood Truss Industry is Green and better for the environment than Metal Trusses.   All Yellow Pine used in Wood Trusses is Harvested “Grown” no old growth Timber is used.