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Wood Trusses – You Get What You Pay For

Bad Truss Pics From Job Site Visit 02.02.2012

I was recently asked by a client to go take a look at a job he was doing, which we did not manufacture the trusses for. Unfortunately the homeowner did not shop around and visit the truss plant to make sure what he was getting for his hard earn money.

A Truss Company is obligated to follow the plans provided by the Architect and/or Engineer; not just for design purposes but also to insure Girder Trusses are located in the correct areas, loading and other conditions are respected. Furthermore The Truss Company must follow rules as set by the Local Building Department, as well as the Truss Plate Institute. The Truss Plate Institute working with American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and various other organizations establish rules for the engineering companies like Mitek for the programs that Truss Companies use, to design the trusses.

However, no engineering/design program can make up for Plant Quality Control.The Truss Plate Institute has set rules that all truss plants must adhere to.This brings me to the Job Site Visit

Besides just being downright ugly trusses, these trusses are a life safety issue.The Truss Plate Institute is very clear on the allowable gaps, these trusses as you will note in the attached PDF far exceed the gap requirements set forth by the Truss Plate Institute (see TPI Rules for Gaps attached).Not only does the Homeowner have a bad set of trusses on his site, but they are paid for and is now hiring an attorney to get new trusses or his money back.

The Owner in this case could have saved himself a lot of headaches, if simply he would have shop around and made sure whom he was hiring.